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I am trying to use the glyphicons from twitter bootstrap. I want to use the pseudo-element :after instead of before.

The above works just fine.

The above does not work.

What am I doing wrong?



  1. Maybe it is syntax issue.
    Try .glyphicon.glyphicon-search::after

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  2. It’s because the glyphicon classes are only intended for use with :before and not :after. If you check out the source code in the CSS you’ll see. An example would be:


    the css for this looks as so:

    .glyphicon-asterisk:before {content: "2a";}

    if it was like this:

    .glyphicon-asterisk:after {content: "2a";}

    you would be able to do your thing. You’ll need to create a new class and add the content like this:

    .glyphicon-asterisk:after {content: "2a";}
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