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I am using quarto in vscode.
When I run quarto check, the output is:

Unable to locate an installed version of Python 3.
Install Python 3 from

However, when I open any *.py vscode detects my python.
I installed python from windows store. Python is installed in this folder:

How I can configure QUARTO to solve this problem?



  1. Chosen as BEST ANSWER

    The solution was to uninstall the Python downloaded from the Windows Store and reinstall it from Thanks @Peter

  2. You can explicitly set the Python path in the Quarto configuration

    Open or create a _quarto.yml file in your project directory
    and add this configuration:

      python: "path to python.exe"

    Worked for me once

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  3. this issue may be due to an environment variable. You can try uninstalling python and then reinstalling python from the Windows Store. When installing, check Add python.exe to PATH in the bottom left corner.

    enter image description here

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