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Suddenly, my vscode have an undefined kernel error.

I can run my code, but when I try to run my code that undefined kernel error message comes out and link to here (

I think my python version is okay, because I can run my python in terminal.

Why does this error come up?

Undefined Python Version Error:

enter image description here

Python in Terminal:

enter image description here

I’ve search theses type of error but I can not seem to find any solution for this error



  1. This issue could be caused by the kernel mismatch with python version. Your python version is 3.11.7, you can select command Python select interpreter look for your python interpreter and select the interpreter that matches. You can learn more about the Jupyter interpreter in the document.

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  2. I just reset vscode and make new kernel then the existing kernel became normal state,,
    So i guess it is not selecting python interpreter error, I think it was a temporary problem with vscode.

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