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I am using a bunch of docker containers to run a webserver + database + whatever else.

Currently I have each service defined in it’s own docker-compose.yml, file like…


…etc. Depending on the context (ie local devlopment vs production), I might need to start one or more of the services at once. For local development I might want only postgres and web-server, but not reverse-proxy. Whereas in prod I might want all services running.

I’ve been using some different scripts, similar to…

# ./scripts/

docker compose /
  -f ./docker/base/docker-compose/yml /
  -f ./docker/service-a/docker-compose.yml /
  -f ./docker/sevice-b/docker-compose.yml /

…to start the different sub-sets of services, but it feels messy. Often I get orphaned container messages, and other times --remove-orphans will kill a service that I’d rather have kept running.

Ideally I’d like to be able to start some subset of services, and then add/remove other services as needed without docker considering it a different "project" (and triggering the orphaned container stuff).

Is there a better approach to handling this sort of "run subset of all services" use case using the docker cli?



  1. The optimal method for managing multiple Docker services across different environments is to use a base Docker Compose file along with environment-specific override files. This ensures flexibility, maintainability, and consistency in your deployments.

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  2. Here are couple of options:

    Option 1: COMPOSE_FILE

    Set COMPOSE_FILE variable to include the docker-compose files that you want (e.g. based on whether you’re on dev/staging/prod).

    I like to define a base file for core services which I always want, plus additional files for logical pieces which I may or may not want.


    I set this variable by sourcing a bash script (e.g. source docker.env).
    After that I can simply run docker compose up, etc.

    Option 2: Use profiles

    Use profiles (this is a newer compose feature). This allows you to keep all of your services in a single docker-compose file (though you may need a prod file to override some details). In each service, you can define a service to be part of one or more profiles:

        image: frontend
        profiles: [core]
        image: phpmyadmin
        depends_on: [db]
        profiles: [dev]
        image: backend
        profiles: [core]

    Then you can start services for one or more profiles like this:

       docker compose --profile core up   # start one profile
       docker compose --profile core --profile dev up  # start multiple profiles

    But to make it easy for myself, I set the COMPOSE_PROFILES variable in my script (sourcing it like above)

    export COMPOSE_PROFILES="core dev"

    so that I can simply do

       docker compose up   

    and it knows which profiles I want.

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