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I have a component SomeComponent which takes a Component or IntrinsicElement through the component property and should construct that component. But this is giving type errors.

Parsing error: ‘>’ expected.eslint

‘Component’ refers to a value, but is being used as a type here. Did you mean ‘typeof Component’?ts(2749)

type Component = /unresolved/ any

Here is my source code and how I want it to be used:

import type { ElementType } from 'react';

function SomeComponent({ component: Component }: { component: ElementType }) {
  return (<Component />);

// This is how I want SomeComponent to be used:

const usage1 = <SomeComponent component="div" />;

function MyComponent() {
  return 123;

const usage2 = <SomeComponent component={MyComponent} />;

What am I doing wrong and how can this fixed?



  1. You’re confusing the compiler with the "component: Component" bit; it should just be someComponent({component} : {component: ElementType}). You would want to render it via the variable like


    Since you do not know the "proper name" of the component here it cannot be rendered using the syntax you describe.

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  2. It seems that tsc and/or ESLint treats <Component /> as a TypeScript type assertion (hence it expects > closing angle bracket, instead of the /> self closing tag end), instead of JSX syntax.

    Make sure that these tools treat your code as JSX-enabled, usually with .tsx file extension.

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