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I am trying to play around with Firebase’s new Genkit product but whenever I run the npx genkit start command, I get one of two errors:

throw Error(`Unexpected runtime while starting app code: ${runtime}`);
npm ERR! Missing script: "build"



  1. Chosen as BEST ANSWER

    I didn't read the docs and was using an older version of node. Genkit requires Node.js 20 or later.

    To fix, this I just updated Node:

    nvm install v20.13.1

    Then I reran the install command:

    npm i -g genkit

    And everything worked as expected. Wish the error message was not as cryptic!

  2. First check if genkit is installed globally

    npm ls --depth=0 

    If genkit is in the list, run below cmd to init

    npx genkit init
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