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I have this component in Next.js (v14.2.1) which, essentially, all it does is to pick a random string while i fetch some data. However, i’ve been trying to persist the same string on server and client side without any luck.
I honestly don’t know what else to do.

Here’s my current code:

const RandomLoadingText = () => {
  const possibleLoadingTexts = [
    "Asking Chat-GPT for a quote...",
    "Not loading...",
    "Tickling the Servers for Answers...",
    "Convincing the Hamsters to Run Faster...",
    "Summoning digital elves to fetch a witty quote...",

  const getRandomLoadingText = () => {
    const randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * possibleLoadingTexts.length);
    return possibleLoadingTexts[randomIndex] as never;

  const [loadingText] = useState(getRandomLoadingText)

  return (
      <span className={`${lobster.className} text-lg`}>"</span>
      <span className={`${lobster.className} text-lg`}>"</span>

export default RandomLoadingText;

I simply tried picking a random string in an array to display while i fetch some data, but the string changes between SSR and CSR causing Hydration errors.



  1. I can think of 2 options to solve this:

    1. Generate the random index from RSC and pass to the client component via props.
    2. use useEffect and setState only once there once initialized. Initial state maybe empty string
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  2. I think your useState hook doesn’t write properly, const [loadingText] = useState(getRandomLoadingText) it should const [loadingText, setLoadingText] = useState()

    also, try to use useEffect and use setLoadingText while fetching data

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