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I have created a new email address for my domain, admin@mydomain, with the Plesk mail interface, but I can’t access it. I have tried to open it in the browser by clicking on the little “mail” icon next to the “info” icon, it opens a new window with “webmail.mydomain/…” url, but my browser can’t resolve the domain. I have reset my DNS settings the day before, and I do have an entry for webmail.mydomain, so I don’t know what to do to make it work.

Thank you for your help !



  1. Who is serve DNS zone of your domain?
    If DNS zone is served by domain registrar than just add A record “webmail” to zone.

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  2. I had same situation today. We use Ubuntu Parallel Plesk VPS.

    Only one added domain has that we can access, and only difference after re-change mode is * A 201.MY.IP.173.

    I don’t know if this was cause because of propagation of more than 6h. Now we can access to

    In ParallelPleskPanel > Domains > ControlPanel > Website&Domain > DNS Settings > Manage.
    I did [Switch Off the DNS Service] and agait [Switch On the DNS Service] to turn DNS on.
    Now I have 17 DNS records created form DNS template.


    17 DNS records total
    Host    Record type Value              A   201.MY.IP.173      A   201.MY.IP.173         A   201.MY.IP.173         A   201.MY.IP.173          A   201.MY.IP.173           A   201.MY.IP.173         A   201.MY.IP.173         A   201.MY.IP.173
    *  A   201.MY.IP.173          MX (10)       CNAME
    * CNAME       CNAME
    201.MY.IP.173 / 24        PTR            NS            TXT   v=spf1 +a +mx -all            NS
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  3. Log into your Plesk Panel and go to: Home > Tools & Settings > Mail > Webmail.

    In Webmail you need to add the website you are trying to use into the list. The name can be whatever you want and the URL should be

    Once this is enabled (and if your DNS settings are already correct) then the webmail link should start working.

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