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My boss forgot the password of the VPS where we host Plesk, so I changed it manually and now when I try to enter to the control panel outside the VPS I get a 500 error.

Does somebody knows where is the config of Plesk to change the windows’ password?



  1. Normally, Plesk Panel doesn’t allow any manual changes on web.config file for security reasons. You should change it from ASP.Net settings under Websites&Domains tab.

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  2. If you have access to your Windows VPS server – if you need an access to the PLESK and you dont know the password – the solution is very simple – you need to access mysql database and reset the password from there:

    Connect to your Windows dedicated server using Remote Desktop Connection.
    From the Start menu, select Run.
    In the Run dialog, type:
    “%plesk_bin%plesksrvclient” -get

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