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I’ve been searching on the internet for a possible solution, but I have not been successful.

How can I publish a ASP.NET MVC website on plesk?

I uploaded my whole solution in the file manager, but it does not find the right folder to read from as default.



  1. In my Plesk I have to upload the site in a folder called httpdocs. My Plesk has two httpdocs folders, one inside the other. I use the first folder to deploy site in.

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  2. You can just put everything in your project folder onto Plesk File Manager’s httpdocs folder. Thats it. Provided your hosting server is supporting MVC.


    1. Also you can zip all the contents of your project folder.

    2. Upload the zip file in Plesk’s httpdocs folder inside File Manager.

    3. Unzip the zip file there and you are done.

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