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First off I’m using plesk 11.5 which I’m planning to migrate to plesk 12 and a new server.
I have a lot of domains on old an server, plenty of subscriptions and customers.

What I want to do:
I need to send an e-mail to every customer that we will migrate them.

My question:
Is there a way for me to export customer data via panel like CPanel can?

You know, so i can get a nice spreadsheet with customer name, subscriptions, his e-mail etc..

Can i do that via databases maybe? How would that query look like?



  1. Yes, You can find out this info from plesk databases. Please try with following one of the sql query and change it with your info which you want.

    select concat(mail.mail_name,"@", as address, mail.account_id from mail,domains,accounts where and order by address;
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  2. Have you tried

    Tools & Settings > Mass Email Messages


    It’s not meet your requirements?

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