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Do you have any experience about this question? I have currently 1900 MySQL databases in a single domain in my plesk control panel and I wonder if my MySQL server gets overloaded or out-of-service due to such high number of databases in the system.

Do you have any suggestions? Each database is for a user in my service by the way.



  1. MySQL itself doesn’t place any restrictions on the number of databases you can have, and I doubt Plesk does either, I’m sure it just displays all the databases present on the MySQL server.

    However, your host may have a limit (which you’d have to ask them about), or if you start getting a huge number of databases, you may actually run into a filesystem limit. As the MySQL documentation says, each database is stored as a directory, so you could hypothetically hit the filesystem’s upper limit for how many subdirectories are allowed.

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  2. ive got well over 5000 databases running on alinux based plesk cluster (one db one web server) and its running fine, though i have had to increase open files limits due to the huge amounts of files. i cant run the mysql tuning primer any more though, well i can but it takes about 4 hours

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