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I have a vps(Plesk, ubuntu) with one ip. I create a on the IP and several subdomains like and .
Now i wanted to redirect to port 1122 and use this for example. But unfortunately all subdomains redirect then to What i want at the End is : redirect to without changing the url. redirect to without changing the url.

Is that possible?



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    I got it like just adding this config to the vhost.conf my subdomain(i.e jenkins) or into web server settings in Plesk.

    ProxyPass         /  http://localhost:1122/
    ProxyPassReverse  /  http://localhost:1122/
    ProxyRequests     Off
    ProxyPreserveHost On
    <Proxy http://localhost:1122/*>
       Order deny,allow
       Allow from all

  2. If all subdomains redirect it means that you have set wildcard virtual host. You have to create or modify two virtual host for every subdomain.

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