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I’m trying to install mod_perl on Centos 5.5 with Plesk. Does this already come with mod_perl? I’m not showing anything in the $ENV{MOD_PERL} variable.

I tried installing it via cpan (install mod_perl2) with this:

Please provide a full path to ‘apxs’ executable

which I don’t know. So I skip it and then I am asked:

Please provide the location of the Apache directory:

Searched though I have, I can’t seem to find it. No apache folder with ap_release.h.

Where would I find this or is there a better way to install it via plesk?





  1. Chosen as BEST ANSWER

    I was able to get mod_perl2 installed by:

    >> yum install perl-devel
    >> cpan
    >> install YAML
    >> install mod_perl2

    Then, I configured it thanks to this:

    I added a new <Directory> for my web site in case there would be a conflict with plesk.

    /cgi-bin runs regular perl scripts

    /mod-perl runs my scripts using mod_perl2... the $ENV{MOD_PERL} variable does exist here!

    @oleg - thanks for your help, a2enmod perl does not work in CentOS

    The Perl Support check box in Plesk doesn't seem to have any effect what-so-ever.

  2. Does this already come with mod_perl?

    Yes. Check any domain’s hosting settings.

    also you can check:

    rpm -qa | grep perl

    and I’m definitely recommend you use Plesk on Centos 6, because most things will be easier.

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