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I’m searching for a free alternative to Plesk for my windows server 2003. Anybody knows an alternative.



  1. As far as I know there aren’t any. Plesk bought Helm it’s only major competitor in the Windows space. The only “ok” free panel I know is ISPConfig but it’s only for Linux.

    Our company is also searching for an alternative to Plesk, for Windows hosting.

    Edit 25 Oct 2010: DotNetPanel renamed to WebsitePanel appears to be open source:

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  2. I’m sorry if this is not helpful but why do you wish to have a control panel for Windows? at best its a GUI on a GUI, you can’t touch IIS as it will break the panel etc etc.

    To be honest I would stick to a non control panel windows server, its much easier to administrate in my honest opinion.

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