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Our company currently offers free sub-domains for redirects to our customers. These are quite a popular feature, but unfortunately every time someone requests it, our staff must login to the Plesk panel and manually create this. It is only specifying the DNS name and an IP Address for the A-Record, but it would be great to be able to automate this in our Billing System for easy creation.

As I am not overly familiar with Plesk, does anyone know how I may be able to proceed with handling the creation of an A-Record in our Plesk install via PHP?



  1. you can use the commandline interface or directly using the rpc api of plesk. see for more information.

    for commandline this seems simple enough:

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  2. As per my knowladge, Plesk is an interface for interacting and Managbe your web server settings. But It don’t provide free api for doing stuff you have asked for.

    You can use RPC API for the same. But that works using command prompt.

    I am sure that would be bit complex to do.

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