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I’ve been searching without luck for a way to get tomcat running on my server. It a linux server with Plesk 11.5 and tomcat 6. I’ve followed many instructions but this one has pictures that are current: guide. I get to about step 4 but the start button is grayed out.

I am trying to upload and run a java application from a .WAR file, but this is the first step. Please advise, thanks!



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    Turns out that 1&1 has different licenses. My license was a power user while I needed something stronger. Either way, checked my license and Java Application was "Off". Hope this helps someone else with similar problems.

  2. As I know domain name where Tomcat application installed must has DNS resolving from this server.

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  3. Guess you need the ‘Power Pack’ license add-on to enable this (Power User only refers to the UI mode: i.e. Power User or Service Provider).

    See (of course you can buy the license upgrade from your hosting provider – only via Parallels directly if that’s where you buy your actual key from in the first place).

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  4. As indicated by others, you need the Power Pack to be able to manage Tomcat on Plesk. See parallels knowledgeable:

    “Java Application” is not enabled in the license. You may verify this at Tools & Settings > License Management:

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