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I have a 1&1 VPS with Plesk, and a domain name with 123-Reg. I’ve configured my DNS records as such:

www a
mail a mx 10

From within Plesk, on the domain, I’ve got a mail redirect for all email to go to my Gmail. But the emails are not getting through.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? is my server.




  1. Chosen as BEST ANSWER

    Thanks to Shad, I was able to investigate and realise that my DNS settings were correct. I was having a problem with Qmail on my VPS. The command line for Qmail said it was running fine, but the Plesk control panel would allow the service to start, but would then stop 20 seconds later. Ultimately, the problem was a misconfigured Qmail. So check your mail logs, and your Qmail status if you're having this problem.

    I'm leaving this here as a note to anyone encountering similar issues.

  2. For one thing, you don’t have an A RECORD for =)

    You should point it where-ever you want the mail delivered.

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