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my current html looks like this:

<title ng-bind="title">Loading</title>
<meta name="description" content="[[description]]">
<base href="/">
<meta name="fragment" content="!">

angular.js config:


I thought it’s enough to let the googlebot index site correctly. But nope, it’s not taking correct title or description. If I run “fetch as googlebot” site renders correctly..What should I do?



  1. You need a prerendering engine to render the HTML for the bot. Read something here:

    And here about the escaped_fragment the bot uses to crawl your site:

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  2. I don’t think that you need to prerender your pages for the Google crawler anymore. A while back it started taking note of the javascript changes.

    I’ve actually answered a question about AngularJS seo that will help you here:

    Look for my answer on the above link. I’ve also provided a directive that might be useful to you.

    By the way, are you sure you are using the angularjs expression properly? You have decription using [[]] normally it is {{}}

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  3. Sometimes Google will ignore the information provided in title or meta tags. But it looks more like a technically problem.

    I would at least use ng-content-attr instead of writing it directly into the meta content attribute.


    Maybe Google extract your title information before anuglar has replaced it with the right string!

    Another way is to use a directive that takes care of this for you. luckily i just wrote one.. just go ahead and try, you’ll see with this setup google will recognize your title!

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