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i using wordpress vesion 4.3, when used Yoast SEO only page post-sitemap.xml error.
how i can fix it?
thanks for wathcing.



  1. XML has a special set of characters that cannot be used in normal XML strings.
    Here ‘&’ is a special character.

    These characters are:

    & - &
    < - &lt;
    > - &gt;
    " - &quot;
    ' - &#39; 

    For example, the following XML string is invalid:

    <Organization>IBM & Microsoft</Organization>

    Whereas the following is valid XML:

    <Organization>IBM &amp; Microsoft</Organization>

    —Note that we have replaced '&' with '&amp;' in the second XML string which makes it valid.

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  2. Your plugin doesn’t escape Vietnamese symbols. So try to rename image file that causes this error.

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