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I want use Telegram API in C# for send a simple message to a number. I found some lib’s on GitHub but I am not able to use them.

Can anyone give a simple code ? Can I simply make HTTP calls ?



  1. Just look and learn how to make a POST HTTP request with your favorite language.

    Then learn how to use Telegram Bot API with the documentation:

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  2. I’ve written a client library for accessing Telegram bot’s API and its source code is available in the Github. You can browse to the Telebot.cs file to see a sample of how to send a message to the bot API.

    Github URL:

    Nuget URL:

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    1. Install-Package Telegram.Bot
    2. Create a bot using the botfather
    3. get the api key using the /token command (still in botfather)
    4. use this code:
    var bot = new Api("your api key here");
    var t = await bot.SendTextMessage("@channelname or chat_id", "text message");

    You can now pass a channel username (in the format @channelusername)
    in the place of chat_id in all methods (and instead of from_chat_id in
    forwardMessage). For this to work, the bot must be an administrator in
    the channel.

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  3. 1-first create a channel in telegram (for example @mychanel)

    2-create a telegram bot (for example @myTestBot) and get api token for next step

    3-add @myTestBot to your channel(@mychanel) as administrator user

    4-use below code for send message:

       var bot = new TelegramBotClient("api_token_bot");
            var s = await bot.SendTextMessageAsync("@mychanel", "your_message");
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  4. use this code 🙂

     using TeleSharp.TL;
     using TLSharp;
     using TLSharp.Core;
     namespace TelegramSend
        public partial class Form1 : Form
          public Form1()
        TelegramClient client;
        private async void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            client = new TelegramClient(<your api_id>,  <your api_key>);
            await client.ConnectAsync();
        string hash;
        private async void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            hash = await client.SendCodeRequestAsync(textBox1.Text);
            //var code = "<code_from_telegram>"; // you can change code in debugger
        private async void button3_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            var user = await client.MakeAuthAsync(textBox1.Text, hash, textBox2.Text);
        private async void button4_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            //get available contacts
            var result = await client.GetContactsAsync();
            //find recipient in contacts
            var user = result.users.lists
                .Where(x => x.GetType() == typeof(TLUser))
                .Where(x => x.first_name == "ZRX");
            if (user.ToList().Count != 0)
                foreach (var u in user)
                    if ("3965604"))
                        //send message
                        await client.SendMessageAsync(new TLInputPeerUser() { user_id = }, textBox3.Text);
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  5. Here is the easiest way I found so far. I found it here, thanks to Paolo Montalto

    After creating a Telegram bot via BotFather and getting your destination IDs
    you can send a message to your IDs by issuing an HTTP GET request to Telegram BOT API using the following URL[YourApiToken]/sendMessage?chat_id=[DestitationID]&text=[MESSAGE_TEXT]

    Details on a simple way to create a bot and get IDs may be found here:

    You can test those url strings even directly in browser.
    Here is a simple method I use in C# to send messages, without dependency on any bot api related dll and async calls complication:

    using System.Net;
    public string TelegramSendMessage(string apilToken, string destID, string text)
       string urlString = $"{apilToken}/sendMessage?chat_id={destID}&text={text}";
       WebClient webclient = new WebClient();
       return webclient.DownloadString(urlString);
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  6. Same unexplicable errors.
    Solution: elevate the framework dastination to minimum 4.6; errors disappear.
    Perhaps official support pages at

    are a little bit confusing saying: “…a .NET project targeting versions 4.5+”


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  7. this code work for me:

    using System.Net;
    public class TelegramBot
        static readonly string token = "123456789:AAHsxzvZLfFAsfAY3f78b8t6MXw3";
        static readonly string chatId = "123456789";
        public static string SendMessage(string message)
            string retval = string.Empty;
            string url = $"{token}/sendMessage?chat_id={chatId}&text={message}";
            using(var webClient = new WebClient())
                retval = webClient.DownloadString(url);
            return retval;
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  8. There is now WTelegramClient, using the latest Telegram Client API protocol (connecting as a user, not bot).

    The library is very complete but also very easy to use. Follow the README on GitHub for an easy introduction.

    To send a message to someone can be as simple as:

    using TL;
    using var client = new WTelegram.Client(); // or Client(Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable)
    await client.LoginUserIfNeeded();
    var result = await client.Contacts_ResolveUsername("USERNAME");
    await client.SendMessageAsync(result.User, "Hello");
    //or by phone number:
    //var result = await client.Contacts_ImportContacts(new[] { new InputPhoneContact { phone = "+PHONENUMBER" } });
    //client.SendMessageAsync(result.users[result.imported[0].user_id], "Hello");
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