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I am using the Divi theme in WordPress. I have to create a set of horizontal buttons as navigation menu. As I am using Divi theme, I created a standard section with a text module and put the following shortcodes in the text module:

<p style="text-align: center;">
[button link="http://localhost/res/" type="big" color="green"]Home[/button]
[button link="http://localhost/res/verticals/" type="big" color="green"]Verticals[/button]
[button link="http://localhost/res/why-res-usp/" type="big" color="green"]Why RES - USP[/button]
[button link="http://localhost/res/our-biodata/" type="big" color="green"]Our Bio-data[/button]
[button link="http://localhost/res/locate-us/" type="big" color="green"]Locate Us[/button]

It created a set of five buttons horizontally but they are too close to each other. Now I need to put more spaces in between these buttons. Is their any way to do it?



  1. Add the following to the buttons:

    [button link="http://localhost/res/" type="big" color="green" style="margin-left: 20px"]
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  2. Maybe try
    After each [/button]

    This character is a non breaking white space. You can copy and paste it for multiple amounts of space too. e.g &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; or [&nbsp][&nbsp][&nbsp]

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