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I have a page where I have few images. I would like to know how to animate images as a user scrolls down the page and the images become visible? Take a look at this page:

As you scroll down, each image animates – (fall down, slide in) + Fade. What is this effect called and how it can be achieved? Can it be done with pure CSS3 or JS is also required?




  1. Basically Javascript is needed here in order to follow the user scrolling down, and animating when he gets to specific position.

    I highly recommending using GreenSock animations:

    You can read more about it here:

    Good luck.

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  2. I found Skrollr.js to be the best tool for on scroll animations.

    Check our these two tutorials to get you started with Skrollr:

    [EDIT] Or you could use scrollReveal.js, it does what it says – reveals elements as you scroll down the page.

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