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How can I change in Photoshop CC a greyscaled jpg or pdf to just black and white (no grey and no color)?
I googled around but found nothing in that direction!




  1. There are multiple ways you can achieve this:

    Method 1 – Two color PNG

    • Open your grayscale image in Photoshop
    • Go File > Save for Web
    • Set the file type as PNG-8, Colors: 2
    • Then you can play with No Dither, Diffusion, Pattern, Noise to achieve different effects
    • Save…

    Method 2 – Use a filter
    (I’m using CS6)

    • Open grayscale image in Photoshop
    • Go Filter > Filter Gallery > Artistic > Sketch > Stamp

    Method 3 – Threshold
    (as supplied by Mark Setchell)

    • Image->Adjustments->Threshold

    Alternate Illustrator Method

    • Open grayscale image in Illustrator
    • Select the image on the stage, then go Object > Image trace > Make
    • In the toolbar, there will be an Image Trace Panel button/icon, if you click this you will have options you can play with (Threshold)
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  2. one more method:
    GO image> adjustment> levels.

    In input level collide the three sliders together.

    you get different pattern depending on the position of the three sliders.

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