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I set the same color in photoshop and then in css. In photoshop (left) is just green but in css (right) is green, blue, red, etc…
The color is same (##6a6635). How can I set in css the colors like in photoshop?



  1. thats not a problem it is the same color, just the graphic engine of the browser built it lil bit different from the engine of the photoshop, also u may be interesting read this:

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  2. What you are seeing is a kind of sub-pixel antialiasing that allows for sharper, clearer text. You can’t disable it, that’s how it’s supposed to work. You’re not supposed to take a screenshot and then scale it up – if you zoom into the webpage, the antialiasing is recalculated accordingly.

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  3. To translate your PS colors more accurately to CSS, why not try a tool like Project Parfait that Adobe recently put out? You upload a PSD and can then select elements of your PSD to find its CSS or extract your assets. It’s sometimes hard to get the exact color or gradient info in a comp from PS (especially for those of us who don’t work in PS every day) and Project Parfait will go and grab that information for you.

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