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I’m trying hard to nicely blur a red circle but everytime i get gradient levels of red and the image looks choppy.

How i can acheive a smooth blur ?



  1. I think you are applying the Gussain-Blur to the entire image try to Select the red circle and apply the Gussain-Blur filter to it

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  2. If you are referring to the visible circles that separate the gradation levels, that is called banding Here are some ways to fix that:

    1. Increase your document’s bit level from 8-bit to 16-bit

      This will increase the amount of colors your file can represent, creating more colors that can be used to represent the gradient, making it smoother in appearance.

      • In Photoshop navigate to Image>Mode>16-Bits/Channel
      • In GIMP 2.10 (or higher?), navigate to Image>Precision>16 bit..
    2. Display or system settings might be unable to display enough colors

      If changing the bit depth does not fix the issue then you might have a hardware or system settings issue.

      • If it’s a hardware issue, your monitor might not have the capability to display enough colors to render the gradient smooth
      • If it’s system settings you will need to go to your operating systems color depth setting, usually located under the system’s display settings. It could say something like Millions of Colors, or True Color (32-bit).
      • The last thing related to settings is that you have a bad color profile set in your system or in your image editing software. It’s beyond the scope of this answer. If you don’t know how to color calibrate your monitor, then it most likely isn’t this and you can skip this.
    3. If you have to have 8-bits

      If you absolutely have to keep your document in 8-bit color space then you will have to use dithering or add some noise to your image to confuse the viewers brain into seeing a smooth gradient.

      • Noise or dithering will confuse the viewers brain into seeing a smoother gradient by setting some focus on the imperfections of the noise/grain/dithering. This doesn’t exactly answer your question, but it is about the only option you have if you keep your ultra smooth gradient in 8-bit mode.

    Good Luck!

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