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I want to use WebP–
I think it comes as a plugin from Telegraphics
but I’m not sure how to install it into Adobe Photoshop CC. I also am running a Windows 7 machine.



  1. This question probably belongs to the graphic design stack exchange (, not here. Anyway, you have to copy the plug-in file inside the plug-in directory you can find in C:/Program Files/Adobe/Photoshop CC/Plug-ins, restart Photoshop and you should be able to open webp files.

    Note that you have to check what version of Photoshop you are using (32-bit or 64-bit) and use the correct version of the plug-in for each case.

    It is possible that you have both versions installed in your computer so you should better copy each version of the plug-in inside the corresponding photoshop plug-in folder.

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  2. In my case I copied from webp format 32bits into a Plugins/Extensions folder on PS CS3 and it worked fine. Remember to restart your PS after have copied.

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