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When I edit ImageView, UIButton, or other objects on the StoryBoard Canvas,
it is very hard to select the layer behind them. I want to lock selection for top layer like Photoshop, or in 3DMax what is known as Freeze Selection.

Freeze Selection explanation:

You can freeze any selection of objects in your scene. By default,
frozen objects, whether wireframe or rendered, turn a dark gray. They
remain visible, but can’t be selected, and therefore can’t be directly
transformed or modified. Freezing lets you protect objects from
accidental editing and speeds up redraws.



  1. Press Shift + Right Mouse Button to select. It will show you all the objects currently under your mouse cursor, in an ordered list.

    Note: This doesn’t lock anything, but it will make selection easier for you.

    Update: In the Identity Inspector, there is a Lock property. If you set this to All properties, then even if you move the object, it will revert back to its locked position. However it does not lock selection on this object, nor does it make you unable to select it.

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  2. About the best you can currently do is switch the upper view to NOT Installed at which point the offending view will completely vanish until you switch it back on again

    enter image description here

    The disadvantage is that its really easy to leave it uninstalled and drop a bug into your app. The only indication of this situation is normally a warning in your project file.

    enter image description here

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