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So I have a personal website, and I have a button that I want to use to open photoshop and run a script for me. How do I do this?



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    This has been up for awhile, but if the solution to this in node is to use a child_process.

    you can npm install child_process

    and the code to run executables would be to do

    const exec = require("child-process").execFile;
    var process = exec("Photoshop.exe", [*add options here*], {cwd:"C:/*path to photoshop*"});

    you can do a lot of cool things afterwards like event handlers

    process.on("close", code => {
      console.log("process closed with code: "+ code)
    process.on("exit", code => {
      console.log("process exited with code: "+ code)
    process.stdout.on("data", data => {

    You can read the Docs here:

  2. It is not possible. It would pose a huge security risk to allow javascript to open programs on client side.

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  3. maybe this
    Code will open image in photoshop with the help of javascript. You just need to place your image file into photoshop->sample folder nothing more than that and you done with it.

    var fileRef = new File(app.path.toString() + “/Samples/test.jpg”); // ‘samples’ is a folder resides in Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS5samples
    //open (fileRef);
    var doc = open(fileRef);
    // get document name (and remove file extension)
    var name = tempName[0];
    // convert to RGB; convert to 8-bpc; merge visible
    doc.bitsPerChannel = BitsPerChannelType.EIGHT;
    // rename layer; duplicate to new document
    var layer = doc.activeLayer; = tempName[0];
    layer.duplicate(newDoc, ElementPlacement.PLACEATBEGINNING);
    // close imported document
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