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Photoshop text tool adds punctuation to the beginning of text

How to make punctuation go to end or sentence in photoshop CC? if I type, “test!” the result will be “!test”. How can I fix this for version CC? everything I found seems to be for cs6 or another version.




  1. Chosen as BEST ANSWER

    I had to go to Edit - Preferences Type... - Middle and South Asian - "OK" - and restarted photoshop. Then I went to Type - Language options - choose Middle Eastern Features (for some reason it was on Default here but still Middle Eastern under preferences. I don't know why I had to do it twice.) and then Type - Language options - choose left - to - right character direction and voila! my punctuation stays to the right of my text. I'm shocked this wasn't set by default BUT once i did change the settings the normal P for paragraph symbol reappeared in the paragraph panel.

  2. Actually, all I did was change the settings for Language options—paragraph and clicked on the paragraph symbol pointed to the right and it was fixed.

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  3. Been using Pshop forever. Suddenly, my punctuation was positioning itself at the left of the sentence and my quote marks were backwards. I have no idea how this issue started, but the fix for me was simply: (menu bar) Type>Language Options>Left to Right Character Direction.

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