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Ctrl+Z does ‘undo’ only for the last performed action in Adobe Photoshop 7.0. How to undo an ‘erase’ action done a while ago,I mean,an erase done before a few other actions to edit the photo?



  1. You can look for the history..
    or for simpler action.. The undo for PS is Ctrl + Alt + Z

    Read about Using the History panel at this link:

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  2. Use mask to that layer, this will help you to undo erase any time. You will just have to use brush in mask layer

    black color brush= erase
    white color brush = undo the same

    If you use soft brush, it will be like soft eraser

    enter image description here

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  3. i suggest you to step backward instead of undo :

    • CTRL + ALT + Z
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