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My designers asks me to show a UIView with a Photoshop’s RGB of 125, 178, 60. So I set the color as in the code below:

+ (UIColor *) okThronColor {

    return [UIColor colorWithRed:(CGFloat)(125.0/255.0)


Photoshop says me that the color is:
enter image description here

but the color on iphone is:

enter image description here

the problem cames with ALL the colors, every time. Why?



  1. I believe this comes down to colour profiles. If you are using Photoshop, if I remember correctly this is defaulted to a colour profile that is best suited to photo’s. Most dynamic range etc. Whereas the system will use as low a colour profile as possible because it is less of a memory footprint.

    This article here, suggests some methods to get around it to get the correct RGB values for iOS, with a bit more of an insight into why this is probably happening.

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  2. In iOS 7 (and above) the navigation bar is translucent, and the color is affected by whatever lays behind it.

    Try setting the translucent property to NO.

    See the UINavigationBar documentation.

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