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I want to make a Photoshop script that lets me export all five layers in a group to a png file
– in combination with every single layer from 2 other groups.

It’s a bit vague so I’ll try to illustrate what I want to
accomplish. There’s the base group (red, blue, yellow, orange,
green). Then there is a second group that contains layers 1,2 and 3.
Then there’s a third group that contains a, b, c and d.

I want to
be able to export 1_red_a.png, 1_red_b.png, 1_red_c.png, 1_red_d.png,
1_blue_a.png, 1_blue_b.png, …

I don’t have much experience with Photoshop scripts. Is this something that can be accomplished? And if so, is anyone prepared to help me?



  1. I think I have got the idea of what you want. I find ExtendScript pretty awkward to code in and would tend to do automated stuff outside of Photoshop with more powerful, everyday tools. I would go with ImageMagick and bash. ImageMagick is free and available for Windows, and the basic command to composite two images on top of one another is

    convert image1.png image2.png -composite result.png

    Of course you can change any or all of the PNG suffices to TIF, JPG or whatever you like.

    So, for your question, I have made a sample file with a couple of Groups to show the concept, like this:

    enter image description here

    The Photoshop file is avilable here.

    Zoom into the Layers palette (on the right in the above image) to see the 2 groups I made.

    Then go to File->Scripts->Export Layers to Files, and select the options like this:

    enter image description here

    That will export the following files for you:

    layers_0000s_0002_Layer A.png
    layers_0000s_0001_Layer B.png
    layers_0000s_0000_Layer C.png       
    layers_0001s_0003_Layer 1 - Red.png
    layers_0001s_0002_Layer 2 - Green.png
    layers_0001s_0001_Layer 3 - Blue.png
    layers_0001s_0000_Layer 4 - Magenta.png

    Note that the format is xxx<GROUP>s_xxx<LAYER>xxx.png

    Now you can easily create all permutations of the groups with this bash script. I presume the Windows BATCH file would be pretty similar – though I only do Windows under duress !!!

    # Iterate over Group 0 files
    for a in *0s_*.png; do
       # Iterate over Group 1 files
       for b in *1s_*.png; do
          convert "$a" "$b" -composite out_${i}_${j}.png

    which gives you these output files:


    Just for kicks, I put them all together in a montage and you get this:

    enter image description here

    Note that if you have 3 groups, you will need a third inner loop in your script, and the command to composite the 3 images together will be more like this (because the -composite option takes the two preceding images):

    convert image1.png image2.png -composite image3.png -composite result.png

    Alternatively, you may find you can use

    convert -background none image1.png image2.png image3.png -flatten result.png
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  2. Photoshop Composition Composer will create compositions of whatever is contained in the top-level groups. The the name of a group and the layer belonging to it joined together will be your file name.


    1. See the Example and the Preview below to learn how it works
    2. Download and unzip photoshopCompositionComposer jsx-file
    3. Open your project and navigate to File > Scripts > Browse...
    4. Browse and load the downloaded jsx file



    • Group animals.
      • Layer dog_
      • Group cat_
    • Group background.
      • Layer sea_
      • Group space_
      • Layer underWater_

    Resulting Compositions

    1. animals.dog_background.sea_
    2. animals.dog_background.space_
    3. animals.dog_background.underWater_
    4. animals.cat_background.sea_
    5. animals.cat_background.space_
    6. animals.cat_background.underWater_


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