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Is there a way to use Photoshop to convert image from command line.

for example :

Photoshop.exe -convert c:/img1.tif c:/img1.png

I want to run this command from command line, without opening Photoshop application.
I don’t want to see Photoshop window.



  1. Photoshop.exe -convert c:/img1.tif c:/img1.png

    Won’t actually do anything. Photoshop Scripts work in three flavours; Visual Basic, JavaScript and Applescript. There are no commands to “convert” between file types. You can write a script to save a .tiff to a .png BUT it will involve opening the Photoshop application.

    I think you’re actually after imageMagick – which can do conversions like the one above.

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  2. You can use ImageMagick, which is available for Windows from here. The command you want is convert like this:

    convert c:img1.tif c:img1.png
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