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If I want to design a background for a website using photoshop, what image size should I make ? I want to make a gradient background for my web-app but I don’t the specifications to follow.



  1. Take a look at w3schools – css – background. You need to use background-repeat, otherwise you will be forcing the users to download a huge image. So make your gradient of any size, then crop a piece off that is the same height, but a small width (< 10 pixels). Use this as your background with the css background-repeat: repeat-x;.

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  2. Use Patterns or Gradients for a good look on all screen resolutions and then, in CSS use

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  3. You should set the background’s width to 5px and the height very long, and set your css to background-reapeat: repeat-x; background: url(your image url here) fixed This is if you have a vertical gradient, if you have a horizontal gradient, it is just vice-versa.

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